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Write with us for our November Writing Challenge.

We’re hosting our second annual November writing challenge for women in the messy middle of life who write.

Every November hundreds of thousands of writers from around the world commit to their writing goals.

The most famous of these writing goal projects is called National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo), in which writers attempt to write a novel during November. For others, their goal is a nonfiction book, or a memoir, or something else entirely. There’s a feeling of momentum and community that comes from this group experience. Whether you want to try writing a large project or freewrite in your journal each day, we’d like to extend an invitation to you to participate in HerStories’ own November Writing Challenge.

Do Any of These statements describe you?

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A month-long challenge is the perfect way to jumpstart your writing. You can join us for free!

Here's what all writers can do in our private community platform during November. This support for all members will include:

You can join the November Writing Challenge as a free or paid member.

Paid members will get more support to meet their writing goals:

WEEKLY ZOOM MEETINGS and co-writing sessions

Meet with other writers and instructors inside the community platform for live meetings. 

instructor feedback

Paid members will have a separate space to share their writing to receive feedback from Jessica, Stephanie, or other moderators.

Daily Prompts, Exercises, and Free Courses

Paid members will receive a daily writing prompt or exercise to use as a springboard for your writing.

Also get free access to our courses, It’s Time For Your Book.

The November Challenge Starts on November 1st.

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Don't miss our annual writing challenge!

You’ll set personalized goals for the month and keep us updated on your progress.

Choose the level of support right for you.

Become a paid or free Writing Challenge member.

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"The workshop helped me create space in my life to re-engage with my inner writer."

 It was just enough structure to direct my creative energy, with just the right amount of flexibility to make it work for me. It was an easy re-entry into writing. Every day I looked forward to the part of the day I could spend reading about writing and then actually writing. A very positive experience.

Have a question?

The challenge is held on our own private community platform, off of Facebook. The platform features profiles, instant messaging, groups, and online meeting spaces.

On the first day of the challenge, we will survey our paid members to find out their best meeting times. We’ll then schedule a mix of times to accomodate different schedules and time zones.

No, you absolutely do not have to write every single day. At the start of the month, you’ll create your own writing plan and set individual goals. 

Both plans are held in the same community platform. Paid group members will have an additional set of spaces for private Zoom meetings and  individualized feedback from the instructors. They’ll receive a daily lesson, exercise, or prompt to use to guide their writing for the day, if they choose. 

You can always join for free, take a look around, and then join the paid experience if you like what you see!

You’ll still have access to the community platform and be able to join additional workshops and groups.

Of course! Contact Jessica ([email protected]) for special group pricing.

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