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Return to the 10 (or however many you created) scenes, points, or anecdotes that you used last time to start your book outline.

Last time you spent some time writing about a few of those topics.

Today I want you to continue writing about those scenes, moments, points, or anecdotes.

By the end of this exercise, you should have:

  • a list of 10 scenes or points (on notecards or on a piece of paper)
  • freewriting about each of these 10 scenes or points

Think of these 10 (or 6 or 12) topics as parts of a storyboard.


If you have a few moments, watch writing coach Mary Carroll Moore talk about how she uses storyboards in the process of outlining and organizing her book:


You don’t have to use this type of storyboarding process.

Maybe it would work better for you to have a simple list of scenes or points. Here’s a simple book outline template.

Or use this template for a nonfiction book.

How is your book outline going?